WoW Gold: Legion is Bringing it Back!

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I could speak about tons of things about Legion like the revamped PvP system, the new transmog and wardrobe feature, the super badass Demon Hunter class, the artifact system, the amazing story line, and practically the entirety of the expansion in a million words, but nothing will ever express the actual WoW gold pumping progression for gear, talents, stats, and, again, WoW gold in Legion without actually witnessing or even trying out the game for yourself.

Guide, Legion, Opinion, Raiding, Tips, Warlords of Draenor, wow, WoW Expansion, WoW Gold

It’s easy to pain a good looking picture with a meager article about how “good” or “awesome” Legion will be as it is something we WoW commenters have said back in Warlords of Draenor. Remember how that turned out? Yeah – successful launch does not necessarily mean successful whole for the expansion. But the manner in which things are delivered at this near-launch of Legion and with the experiences many WoW commentators have had in the Legion Alpha and Beta shows that Blizzard has certainly learned from its mistakes and is coming back better than ever. This IS the first time, at least in Warlords of Draenor, that Blizzard has actually failed to deliver. Never mind the subscription drop in Mists of Pandaria – that was an aesthetic conflict for the player base more than anything else as it is arguably one of the best expansions WoW ever had.

The video below, from IGN, is but a great example of how Legion will shake things up and get us all to drool over WoW once more.

WoW Gold: The Video

While most of the things in the video, to be completely honest, especially the last part on FoV, aren’t exactly the most important in WoW, it is these little things that keep us loving the old MMO giant. Think what you will, but Legion is clearly bringing back WoW to relevance with its awesome self. Demon Hunter class, Illidan, Burning Crusade raids, the Emerald Dream? What’s not to like?

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