WoW Gold: Dealing with Alts in Legion


By far, Legion is the most alt-unfriendly expansion WoW has ever experienced. At the same time, it’s also a pretty alt-friendly expansion due to the lack of a Legendary Quest line similar to the Legendary Ring in Warlords of Draenor and the Legendary Cloak in Mists of Pandaria.

However, alts have a hard time simply due to the reputation grind that, not  only gates certain content like the Arcway and the Court of Stars, but also gates certain QoL items like shoulder enchants and rank 3 profession recipes.

Fortunately, in patch 7.1, which hits the live servers in a few hours, a couple of things like the dungeon unlocks mentioned above will be account wide, so you certainly don’t have to grind out the Nightfallen rep for your alts that do want to partake in said dungeons as well as the soon-to-be unlocked raid, the Nighthold.

WoW Gold: Gearing

But gearing alts is an entirely different story. The easiest way right now is to just do LFR once your fresh 110s meet the ilvl requirement and just queue for those sweet welfare epics of ilvl 835+. The drawback with this, however, is that, since it’s still a raid, they can only do LFR once a week, and we all know how fickle RNGesus can be.

Crafting is another option, but the sheer amount of Blood of Sargeras required to simply upgrade crafted equipment can be obscenely time consuming to a fresh 110 who, presumably, has little to no Blood of Sargeras in the first place. If you’re wondering why, it’s because using Obliterum to upgrade a piece of gear requires 2 Blood of Sargeras with a maximum upgrade level of 7. This means you need 14 Blood of Sargeras for a single piece of gear. Unless you really intend on going on a gathering spree for herbs, ore, and skins in the first place, this is a very impractical method. If you decide to spam dungeons instead to get the require Blood of Sargeras, you’ll find yourself in even better gear than fully upgraded crafted gear before you even hit your mark.


World Quests also give great gear rewards, but you can’t pick and choose what you’ll get and rewards scale to your current item level, so don’t be expecting to see a Mythic reward at 800 ilvl. If you’re not in a hurry to get your alts to catch up, World Questing is certainly the best method to getting gear, but definitely not for the ones who want to hurry up.

You can pay for or get lucky to get into a Mythic+ carry group that won’t mind carrying your sub 810 ass through the instance for free loot. Highly unlikely to get into one for free unless you’re the one supplying the keystone which you can’t get in the first place until you are eligible to finish a regular Mythic in the first place.

Finally, there’s always the very simple WoW gold approach. If you’ve got enough money on hand, you can just go buy 840 ilvl BoE gear from the auction house and be done with it. These can be very expensive so expect to spend a TON of WoW gold.

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