WoW Gear: Awesome Things About Legion

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With the days counting down closer to Legion, the newest World of Warcraft expansion has been getting more and more hype. In midst of your regularly scheduled WoW programming from farming WoW mounts, WoW gear, WoW armor, and, of course, WoW gold, take a look at some of the really amazing things to expect in Legion from Bellular gaming down below.

WoW Mounts – TL;DW – The Highlights

If you, for some reason, are allergic to watching the entirety of a YouTube video and prefer to read instead, well, you’re a strange guy.

Regardless, the video outlines the awesomeness of the new Dungeon design for Legion where there will be Mythic Dungeons brought back from Warlords of Draenor, but have this new feature where there will be a toke used to perpetually strengthen the dungeon that drops better loot. In eventuality, these dungeons can be upgraded to a point where it is absolutely unbeatable. Players will never be able to completely outgear a dungeon, no matter what sort of WoW gear they may pick up in raids in the future.

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They will also be adding “Epic” dungeons that will be akin to Blackrock Depths and the epic 5 mans back in Wrath of the Lich King. That’s an exciting prospect for some major content.

The story in the Suramar area is just stunningly awesome and feels much more alive than regular questing we found in previous expansions. They’re all very interesting and you aren’t ever forced to do specific quests if you don’t want to; you’ll level no matter whatever you choose to do.

Then, finally, the best feature for me is the level scaling. It’s harder to explain on paper, so I suggest you go watch the video at 7 minutes. Basically, you’ll never have the feeling of wasting time when you are helping out a friend as they level up because you get your time’s worth via xp and rewards. It’s just absolutely rewarding.

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