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The latest expansion date was not yet revealed, and yet they are already working on the next expansion pack that will benefits more wow gold for us… Warlord of Draenor offers many wow gold benefits… how about the upcoming one? Since it’s been a while since blizzard released their MIST OF PANDARIA expansion, for the past few months world of […]

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New things are coming in the celebration of world of warcraft’s 10th anniversary that will benefit all wow players with wow gold exciting new features! Not just the current players but also the NEW and the RETURNING players! What to wow gold expect on the upcoming update? It’s been over a week since the hype Warlord of Draenor started. Everyone […]

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New expansion… new features… new level cap… and now new model designs! Above all, instant level 90 that can help up us easily earn wow gold and experience all these new updates!   Instant level 90 sure is helpful for wow gold earnings and fully experience WOW’s features! IGN just shared an image of the new character designs that will […]

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In secondary profession, there’s no limitation on which one you would like to take. Each one of them has the capacity to give you wow gold sell. Which profession can help you to make wow gold sell? Many players are thinking that doing crafting or even secondary profession is just a waste of time, but others it’s their wow gold […]

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Small things such as bags will be your “best buddy” when farming for materials and for wow gold. Bigger Bags= bigger wow gold price+more gold sell Bags are one of the expensive things you may want to invest your gold on; BUT having a big bag will give you more slots to put your target farm items.   Rookie Bag […]

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Gathering or crafting profession may take half of your world of warcraft daily activities but it’s totally worth it as it can give you wow gold benefits. No matter what is your first gathering or crafting profession, all secondary profession can support you in making your wow gold sell Never think of secondary profession as unimportant as they are very […]

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Though Mist of Pandaria was not included with World of Warcraft, I’d say it’s not bad as long as you can get wow gold earnings. New World of Warcraft edition is so much better especially when wow gold is involved To recover the millions of lost in player population in world of Warcraft; blizzard tries to resolve it with a […]

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For $19.99 players will get 85 levels worth of content, including The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King that has lots quest and wow gold benefits. Checking on WoW much rather than the Starter pack with level and wow gold limitation Since there has been a vast number drop of population in world of Warcraft; blizzard decided to have their […]

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