Special Class Challenge for Artifact Weapons

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CWOW Gold collectors can now unlock new artifact appearances by simply completing a special Class Challenge. The game released few of the details on how to access the challenges. The actual class challenge is still kept in a secret to make these challenges thrilling and full of curiosity.

Announcements, event, Gold Farming, Guide, Legion, Legion, Locations, mmorpg, Tips, wow, WoW Gold, WoWGold

The Artifact weapons have been proven-tested its power. These weapons can be your powerful tools to fight against the Burning Legion. In this recent 7.2 patch, Blizzard didn’t add the Artifact questline to unlock new traits alone, but they also added the Artifact Challenge appearance.


Challenge Notes to get Artifact and WOW Gold

These challenges have few requirements before you start. First you must be at level 110, purchase all 35 of the ranks for your Artifact weapon and complete the questline to unlock access to the four new traits available in this new 7.2 patch.

Blizzard noted that in order to get these game additions, you will have to construct the Mage Tower on the Broken Shore to access the encounter via Fel Treasures. The first time you will access the encounter, it will be free – but if you will fail your first attempt, all future attempts will cost some Nethershards. The Nethershard is a returning currency in this patch 7.2. In additional to these requirements, you will also need to empower your Artifact Weapon and unlock the new traits before you can attempt and try these upcoming challenges.

Attempting the Success for Rewards and WOW Gold

The first attempt that you will get the quest, you will be able to enter the encounter for free. If you fail the first attempt, there’s a good chance to get these success but the next time you will attempt it will have a cost. If you’ve been active within the Broken Shore, you will have to start to accumulate Nethershards. The use of these Nethershards is for purchasing additional chances at the encounter.

The mage tower is active for three days before it’s destroyed so this means your time is limited. If you’re determined to give it a good run each time the tower is available.

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