Scariest Moments and Events in World of Warcraft!

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You would never think of World of Warcraft as a creepy game. When you hear the name of the leading MMORPG, WoW, you think of total awesome action and epicness. Let us get away from sheer coolness of the game first, try to catch up with the past Halloween theme and take a look at some of the scariest stuff that can be found in World of Warcraft.

The Scariest List

Here are some of the scary and strange stuff that can be seen inside World of Warcraft

Screams from Thaddius

  • Okay, screaming people in the game due to death of whatever reason is normal but screaming people asking for help coming from an enemy raid? If you don’t know this, Thaddius in the Naxxramas raid is made up of flesh women and children. Their souls are still screaming for help and you have to kill Thaddius to end the background screams.

Gnoll Tents

  • They are just tents. Nope. If you actually take a look closer to these Gnoll tents, they are made up of cloth and faces of different creatures. Yes, the faces of these creatures were actually sewn with some old rags that make up the tents. Scary, if you think about it.

Goldshire Inn

  • Goldshire is the starting area of humans in the vanilla World of Warcraft. Yes, you don’t have any WoW gold or whatsoever yet in your pockets but it doesn’t matter in the Goldshire Inn. If you enter the place, you will see a lot of naked players there roleplaying and having virtual intercourse and other internet creepy stuff. We know that internet sex is a reality but being held in the game and there are a lot of players participating? I do not know what to think about that but just plain creepy.

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There are more creepy stuff for me to share with you guys and hopefully you stay tune to my posts for more of these. May it be some experience while farming WoW gold or just strolling around the vast world of the game, share it with us in the comments section below! Also, if you’re interested, there’s much more scary stuff in WoW in the form of creepypastas here!

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