RP is the Savior of the MMO

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Through the toil and grit of the every day grind, we sometimes lose sight of what we all first started to enjoy in MMOs. This much is very true in World of Warcraft.

Remember the heyday of the MMO genre? The time when everybody felt the need to be social, cared little for end game stupidity, and folks hardly knew what alt+f4 did? It’s been quite a while now since the early 2000’s and the landscape of MMO gaming has changed quite significantly.

legion, MMO, opinion, Roleplay, roleplaying, rp, RP Server, server transfer, Tips, World of Warcraft, WoW, WoW gold

I remember, before the hullaballoo with end game gearing and farming WoW gold for C’thun knows what, WoW used to be a place that everybody enjoyed for the sheer thrill of it. The world, the lore, the characters, the massiveness of it all; not that many cared for min/maxing.

Now, while I may be inclined to wax poetic about my fondest WoW memories, I certainly don’t have because RP servers still hold that same sort of feeling. You may laugh at the regular roleplayer that spouts out nonsense on /say or has some really cringey /general chats, but those are the very people that keep the world of Azeroth alive and well.

WoW Gold: RP to Save the Day

RP servers are just as serious as the next PvE or PvP server; it’s just that they have this little quirk of, you know, enjoying the actual feel of the game. WoW wasn’t always for the battle-hardened MMORPG player, but was really meant to feel like the computer version of table-top DnD games that had folks roleplaying scenarios and whatnot.

Not to mention, RPers are some of the friendliest lot you will ever meet. And don’t you worry about them getting all weird with the RP on you; there are certain channels where folks don’t act those out like on /trade. When RPers need to get serious in a dungeon or raid, they certainly do, so there’s no real trouble over there.

If you do ever feel like WoW is getting a bit too tedious for your taste, and would just like to enjoy the game for how it was made, you may want to go jump on an alt or, heck, even a server transfer to an RP server. It’s surely going to be worth it in my opinion. That or just keep farming WoW gold for an expenditure that will never come.

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