Prepare for the Nighthold!

This March, World of Warcraft is opening a new Raid Finder wing of the Nighthold. This means more opportunities to make friends, get new items, and of course, farm even more gear.

The Nighthold, in its entirety, spawns ten bosses across thirteen regions. The Nightwell area of the raid is available just by going to its entrance in the Sanctum of Order. The game released it first with the Normal and Heroic modes. After a week, they released its Mythic mode. The subsequent weeks after, they added Nighthold wings in the Raid Finder. Three have been released, and a fourth one is going to be released on March 7.

What to Expect

There’s only one boss in the fourth wing of Nighthold, Gul’dan. He is the final boss and has four lieutenants that help him. While his lieutenants are alive, he will lock himself in the Eye of Aman’Thul. The Eye can give a buff to characters near it, depending on their class. When the lieutenants fall, Gul’dan will personally battle you and your party. As his health goes below certain thresholds, he will tap into the power of the Eye, further empowering him as well as disrupting the aid players receive from the Eye. On the last stage of the battle, he will ask for help from his Legion masters, unleashing his ultimate strength.

The Rewards

Gul’dan drops Tier 19 set items, same as other bosses in the Nighthold raid. Of course, because this part of the Nighthold is in Raid Finder, you can only gain only one (or two if you choose to use a token for a bonus roll) piece of equipment from the boss once a week. So, sadly, with this new update, unless you’re getting paid to accompany parties in this raid, you’re not exactly going to be raking in WoW gold. There are always more efficient ways to farm unless you really feel that this raid is worth it.

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