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It’s that time in WoW again! Northrend Timewalking Dungeon Event goes live in a few days and it’s always a great way to fill up on those missing pieces on your alts to help catapult you further into the gear level you need to do whatever it is you need to do. While this event is active, all players level […]

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This is Part 5 of our WoW Apexis Crystal Farming guide. Click here for Part 4. WoW Gold: Legendary Questline Draenor’s Secret Power requires you to obtain 4986 Apexis Crystals. These Crystals disappear from your currency tab once you turn in the quest. Also, in Draenor’s Secret Power, you need to acquire the Core of Life,  Core of Iron, and  Core of Flame […]

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This is Part 2 of our WoW Apexis Crystal Farming guide. Click here for Part 2. WoW Gold: Consumables Depending on the consumable bought, these can go for 1 or 5 Apexis Crystals each. Using them in their designated zones will grant a specific buff for 30 minutes. Arakkoa Elixir, Arakkoa Outcasts: Grants a chance to deal fire damage and […]

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wow gold, buy wow gold 1

This is Part 2 of our WoW Apexis Crystal Farming guide. Click here for Part 2. WoW Gold: Tanaan Jungle In 6.2, level 100 players that unlock Tanaan Jungle via the Shipyard have a table that offers you a choice between two Apexis Crystal dailies. These dailies send you to one of seven areas in Tanaan Jungle, and reward 2000 […]

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