I won’t touch WoW even if you bribed me with wow gold



I might get a lot of flak for this, but I find WoW unappealing. I don’t think I’ll ever touch it with a ten foot pole. Nope, I just won’t do it, even if you bribed me with tons of wow gold. World of Warcraft is just too dark and gloomy for me. Plus, I dislike the character designs. I’m more into MMORPG’s that have bright aesthetic designs with a light-hearted theme. I like the ones with anime-ish designs. Yes, I lean towards eastern MMORPG’s more so than western ones. Call me names all you like, but to each his own.


wow gold farming would probably be so tedious to me 


Even in the MMORPG’s I’m into, I find farming in-game currency very tedious, so imagine the drudgery I’d feel if I ever have to play World of Warcraft – a game I’m not exactly fond of. If I had to play it at gunpoint and needed some in-game gold, then I’d probably go the lazy route and look around for cheap wow gold. I’ve tried playing DotA (Defense of the Ancients), and I never got good at that game. I’d always end up being left behind in terms of character/hero level and items. I remember struggling to keep up in matches; my teammates and opponents would be clashing head-on, while I was still left in the base trying to read up on all the item descriptions. I was and still am a huge noob in that game, and I don’t think I’ll ever touch that game again as well. I didn’t even try to play its popular sequel – DotA 2.




If somebody provided me an unlimited supply of wow gold, then MAYBE I would try the game


I’d be more inclined to try out World of Warcraft if someone was willing to provide me an unlimited supply of wow gold, or at least, teach me how to make really fast wow gold. Also, I’d need to have a 24/7 mentor to spoon-feed and guide me all throughout the game. It would take this much to convince me to play the game. In the meantime, I’ll go play my eastern MMORPG’s.

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