Fast WoW Gold Guide through Herbalism in Hillsbrad Foothills

Herbs have many different uses. It may serve as an ingredient for professions such as Alchemy and Inscription. It may also be required for quests or even an important reagent for spells by Druids. It may be sold as is in the Auction House or may be brewed into various potions for higher selling prices. Herbalism is a fast and wonderful way to earn WoW gold!


Farming in Hillsbrad Foothills for Fast Wow Gold Hunters

Hillsbrad Foothills is famous for its abundance of herbs and is the most recommended area for farming. Heroes of levels 70 – 150 may find easy farming in this area whether you be Alliance or Horde. The best route would be to start from the edge and make your way around the map until you come back to your starting point and then slowly make your way into the center repeating the rotation.

Different Kinds of Herbs in Hillsbrad Foothills for WoW Gold Hunters

Your first priority would be Briathorns. They are easy to find and spawn close to trees in level 10-25 zones or near Quilboar settlements. These herbs sell for 1-4 gold each. Another herb that can be valuable is Mageroyal. It is edible and an ingredient for Delicious Chocolate Cake. It may be found growing on plains in lower level zones. Mageroyals are usually sold for 1 gold each at the Auction House. Swiftthistles are one of the more valuable herbs selling for 6-15 gold each. It is easy to harvest and is usually gathered along with Briathorn and Mageroyal drops. It is the main ingredient for Swiftness Potion and Thistle Tea. Frozen Herbs, when harvested, can drop all three herbs mentioned before. As it is the most convenient herb to harvest, one must have an Herbalism skill of at least 400 in level. These herbs may be found in the inner parts of the map and are for more advanced players.

Swiftness Potion Making for WoW Gold Hunters

An efficient way to make even more WoW gold with your harvested herbs is to brew them into potions and sell them for higher profits. One potion you may brew and sell is the Swiftness Potion. You will, however, need an Alchemy profession, an alchemy skill of at least 60 and the Recipe: Swiftness Potion. Unfortunately, the Recipe: Swiftness Potion is a very rare drop from mobs below level 20. You can acquire this when you buy WoW gold too and it is sure to bring back more money than its cost. Ingredients for Swiftness Potion include:

  • 1 Swiftthistle
  • 1 Briarthorn
  • 1 Crystal Vial

Additionally, if your alchemist has a Potion Master spell, you can get lucky and may even create 4 potions at the price of 1!

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