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It’s but a day away! September 20 is when the Emerald Nightmare is going to drop in on us! It’s not too late to find some decent pugs for the first raid tier of Legion, but you are definitely going to have to be decked out in simply the best WoW gear available at the moment. WoW Gear Tips: Mythic […]

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Legion’s had a super successful launch and is continuing on to go strong. Hopefully, this will do way better than Warlords of Draenor. However, one of the bigger issues that Legion did not address in WoW is the continuing, staggering inflation of its economy. With each passing year, each major update, and each and every expansion, prices on items have […]

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If you’re just getting back into WoW or getting into it as a new player, you’ll really want to know the best way to make some bank. Naturally, the best ways to make a ton of WoW gold is with a knowledge on what sorts of WoW items are flying off the shelves at the moment. And if there’s one […]


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Farming for mats are always the best way to make a ton of WoW gold. It doesn’t matter at what time in the expansion’s life you sell on the auction house; it will always be something profitable, albeit a bit tedious than other methods. However, the best time to start farming and selling crafting mats for WoW gold is always […]

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It’s the end of an era as Chris Metzen steps down from Blizzard, retiring to focus more on his family than the game worlds he has helped crafted. In a long blue post, Metzen explains his reason for stepping down, shares his fondest memories in the company, comments excitedly on Blizzards future and muses how far they’ve gone. It isn’t […]

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Legion’s introduced a ton of new mounts at its first tier and that’s pretty damned impressive. Usually, we only see a couple of new ones and most of them, in other expansions, come only as reskinned forms of the initial, common mount of the xpac like the cloud serpents in Mists of Pandaria. However, most of these new WoW mounts […]

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Farming old raids for WoW gold has been a time honored tradition ever since Burning Crusade came out, but it hasn’t reached its peak up until Cataclysm raids were soloable. Even Blizzard acknowledged that old content is used for some decent money-making and decided to balance it out in preparation for the increased level 110 cap in Legion. But don’t let […]

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My last PvP throes were way back in Mists of Pandaria and I certainly haven’t had the itch to be competitive in WoW for a very long time. I’ve got Overwatch, Dota 2, and Guilty Gear to hone my competitive edge in, so I really don’t feel the need to git gud in World of Warcraft. With that said, it’s pretty […]

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