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WoW Gold: Much Ado About Mythic+ P2


Continued from WoW Gold: Much Ado About Mythic+ P1 There’s a ton more to consider about Mythic+ dungeons, so hold on to your WoW gold and read on! What is the weekly chest? On Tuesday, if you did a Mythic+ dungeon the prior week, you get a chest in your class hall. This has agaruenteed piece of loot from your […]

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WoW Gold: Much Ado About Mythic+ P1


There’s definitely still a lot of confusion on the nature of Mythic+ dungeons, so I’d like to help the community out by giving this little guide a bit more exposure than it already has. Certainly, not everybody goes to reddit, but I bet my WoW gold that there are just some people that like this little blog more. So here’s […]

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WoW Gold: Managing Alts in Legion P2


Continued… Next up, while you have your main but simply have to have a separate healer, dps, and tank as I do, you’ve got to pick only 1 for each role., I know, I know; it’s hard to do that, but your time simply won’t let you have any more as a working man or student. That said, you’ll most […]

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WoW Gold: Managing Alts in Legion P1


As many players already know, managing alts in Legion can be a huge pain in the ass. This is for the reason that the expansion, in of itself, is alt-unfriendly due to the mechanics of progression. First up, reputation plays a big role in gating content and/or character progression, with a lot of the factions in the broken isles selling […]

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