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So, there’s some guy on YouTube that basically made a video for every quest in World of Warcraft, complete with commentary and pinpoint specific instructions on how to get through them. Heck, there are even secrets and whatnot lining his work. Some focused on how to potentially increase your WoW gold output from the quests, some secret and rare WoW […]

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The answer? Kinda. But there’s an addendum to all that. Whenever I talk to people who play this game or those that used to play World of Warcraft, I normally get the candid response about how “casual” WoW is at present times, yet they’ve never truly finished the highest difficulty which is Mythic. Like I said earlier, raiding’s gotten a lot easier […]

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A lot can be said when exploring the old areas of Vanilla WoW. It’s not often someone takes the time to go and explore what they have possibly missed in the MMO’s earlier years due to starting on some other expansion like Wrath of the Lich King or Cataclysm. So, when someone does decide to check it out, there are […]

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Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Well, it’s a whole slew of things. A lot of potential WoW players first look at, of course, World of Warcraft’s visuals. During Mists of Pandaria, I would agree with most people saying that WoW certainly hasn’t aged all too well, considering the kinds of MMOs released during the time. While every other game looked […]

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WoW Gold: A Long Time Coming! For years, I never could play human in World of Warcraft. Not because they’re the most vanilla race or that they are just generally boring; but the animations they had have always been god-awful. Most especially awful is the fact that humans tend to run like they have a stick up their asses and […]

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WoW Gold: Vanilla is Best Nilla You certainly can’t argue that your first time is your most memorable one. As they say, first impressions last. World of Warcraft is no exception to this as it has, hands down, created the most memories per second since its initial conception from the auctioneering WoW gold capitalists to the hardcore PvPers. Vanilla WoW […]

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There’s been some commotion lately about Blizzard suing Nostalrius, a WoW private server host. And, no, theyre not suing them for being another 3rd party WoW gold selling site either; it’s a legacy server. It isn’t the first time Blizzard sued or sent a cease-and-desist letter to private server owners, but in the landscape of these modern times, it may entirely […]

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