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It’s but a day away! September 20 is when the Emerald Nightmare is going to drop in on us! It’s not too late to find some decent pugs for the first raid tier of Legion, but you are definitely going to have to be decked out in simply the best WoW gear available at the moment. WoW Gear Tips: Mythic […]

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If you’re just getting back into WoW or getting into it as a new player, you’ll really want to know the best way to make some bank. Naturally, the best ways to make a ton of WoW gold is with a knowledge on what sorts of WoW items are flying off the shelves at the moment. And if there’s one […]

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As if it couldn’t get any worse, there’s another scam going around that’s been taking people’s WoW gold left and right. It’s another chat scam but something that’s a bit more refined than the last one we talked about where a script automatically traded your gold to the scammer without even seeing it. This time around, the scammer will have […]

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There are tons of WoW pets to be had in Warlords of Draenor. This guide aims to take you in the right direction and list down all Garrison pets you can obtain. WoW Pets: The Menagerie This is the most important building for any pet collector or avid pet battler. Achievement hunting, leveling the building itself, completing specific tasks, and a […]

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