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Patch 7.2, The Tomb of Sargeras has been out for a week now. If you haven’t checked it out yet for whatever reason, there are many things added and fixed in World of Warcraft. WoW Account: New Dungeon There are a lot of stuff added to the game but for now, let us take a look at the new dungeon, […]

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CWOW Gold collectors can now unlock new artifact appearances by simply completing a special Class Challenge. The game released few of the details on how to access the challenges. The actual class challenge is still kept in a secret to make these challenges thrilling and full of curiosity. The Artifact weapons have been proven-tested its power. These weapons can be […]

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Mythic+ is perhaps the best and greatest addition to gear progression that WoW has ever dabbled on. If you’re just getting back into the game, Mythic+ are higher dungeons difficulties that can be run ad infinitum to obtain raid-comparable gear. There are loads of other details about it, so I suggest you go and take a look around WoWHead for […]

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WoW Gold, WoW, World of Warcraft, Buy WoW Gold, Cheap WoW Gold

World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Legion, just keeps on going strong ever since launch. We can conclude this by the mere fact of WoW Token’s (which you can buy with WoW Gold) price just keeps on increasing. This means that people are playing and the demand is high. As a player of World of Warcraft and as an observer of […]

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As with every major update and expansion, huge nerfs and buffs come along with it for our beloved characters. The Paladin’s seen its time, the Hunter’s gone berserk with its cheapness at one point, Warlocks have been the top deeps for quite some time, nerfed only at specific times only to be brought back up again, and, of course, the […]

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Guide, Legion, Opinion, Tips, World of Warcraft, wow, WoW Expansion, WoW Gold, professions, crafting

Down here, you’ll see all you have to know about how professions have changed in Legion and how it’ll pretty much affect what you focus on crafting on to make some sweet WoW gold bank. Listed here will also be all of the crafting recipes in the Legion professions as well as the necessary ingredients to watch out for. WoW […]

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WoW Mounts: Neutral to Friendly As shown in the previous article, you must finish the Ally of the Netherwing quest chain in order to proceed and to get your Netherdrake WoW mounts.  Rise, Overseer Talk to the Overseer for 250 rep. You’ll also receive an Overseer’s badge. The Netherwing Mines Report to the Mistress of the Mines for 75 reputation. […]

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