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Burning Crusade, Dailies, Guide, Legion, Mount Farming, Tips, Warlords of Draenor, World of Warcraft, wow, WoW Expansion, WoW Mounts, 2

Almost there, guys! Just a little bit more and you’ll be getting that Exalted rep as well as those coveted Netherdrake WoW mounts in no freaking time! At this point, it also becomes insanely easier due to all the opened quests available for you to grind with. WoW Mounts: Revered to Exalted One-time Quests Hail, Commander! You know how this works […]

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Burning Crusade, Dailies, Guide, Legion, Mount Farming, Tips, Warlords of Draenor, World of Warcraft, wow, WoW Expansion, WoW Mounts, 2

WoW Mounts: Honored to Revered Stand Tall, Captain! Another simple quest to talk to an NPC. The Soul Cannon of Reth’hedron Gather 2 Felsteel Bars, 1 Adamantite Frame, 1 Khorium Power Core and 1 Flawless Arcane Essence to make your Soul Cannon and gain 500 reputation. Felsteel is smelted by miners, Adamantite Frames and Khorium Power cores are sold by […]

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generic Misoprostol

WoW Mounts: Neutral to Friendly As shown in the previous article, you must finish the Ally of the Netherwing quest chain in order to proceed and to get your Netherdrake WoW mounts.  Rise, Overseer Talk to the Overseer for 250 rep. You’ll also receive an Overseer’s badge. The Netherwing Mines Report to the Mistress of the Mines for 75 reputation. […]

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