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Continued… The key to leveling fastest in the 90-100 bracket is to utilize the Elixir of the Rapid Mind. This item grants you 300% increased experience for 15 minutes total. With the very short timer this buff gives you makes it look impractical and even useless at first glance. However, it isn’t used in the traditional manner as most would […]

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Continued from WoW Gold: Much Ado About Mythic+ P1 There’s a ton more to consider about Mythic+ dungeons, so hold on to your WoW gold and read on! What is the weekly chest? On Tuesday, if you did a Mythic+ dungeon the prior week, you get a chest in your class hall. This has agaruenteed piece of loot from your […]

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There’s definitely still a lot of confusion on the nature of Mythic+ dungeons, so I’d like to help the community out by giving this little guide a bit more exposure than it already has. Certainly, not everybody goes to reddit, but I bet my WoW gold that there are just some people that like this little blog more. So here’s […]

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Continued… Next up, while you have your main but simply have to have a separate healer, dps, and tank as I do, you’ve got to pick only 1 for each role., I know, I know; it’s hard to do that, but your time simply won’t let you have any more as a working man or student. That said, you’ll most […]

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As many players already know, managing alts in Legion can be a huge pain in the ass. This is for the reason that the expansion, in of itself, is alt-unfriendly due to the mechanics of progression. First up, reputation plays a big role in gating content and/or character progression, with a lot of the factions in the broken isles selling […]

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Legion has come in with a lot of new mechanics for both world gameplay and character balance. While the initial reactions to class balancing during pre-launch was a bit livid, folks have come to see and accept those changes due to how artifact weapons change the mold of their classes once Legion came in. As with every game, there are […]

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Legion, News, Raiding, World of Warcraft, wow, WoW Gear, Exorsus, World First, Xavius, Emerald Nightmare, Cyka Blyat, Russian Guild 1

Oh, hey, a day 1 kill of Xavius! Nobody saw that coming but Russian Guild Exorsus proves that they’re a guild to be reckoned with in the race for raid firsts! They’ve done a phenomenal job coming from behind as they only achieved 4th place in Il’gynoth in the EU only and while they were formidable back in Warlords of […]

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