28 New WoW Mounts in Legion

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Moose WoW mounts? Rat WoW mounts? MORE MOOSE WOW MOUNTS!?

There’s a ton of new WoW mounts in Legion and most of them simply look amazing! Take a look at the video below to see a video rundown of the WoW mounts that are currently available in the game files:

For those that want to see the names of the WoW mounts in their written form, as well as a neat little tl;dr about them, take a look below!

The 28 Known WoW Mounts New in Legion:

Llothien Prowler – An interesting looking fox mount.

Felsaber – A badass WoW mount that is basically the class-specific mount of the Demon Hunter. Much like other class-specific mounts, this will be unattainable by other classes and is not account-wide.

Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder – A derpy underwater fish mount. Can be acquired by those really into fishing.

Fathom Dweller – World boss drop from an enemy that is, obviously, underwater as it is also an underwater mount.

Ratstallion – It’s a rat mount. It’s pretty gosh darn interesting.

Bloodfang Widow – The controversial 2 million WoW gold mount. It’s kinda “meh” for its price tag, in my opinion.

Grove Defiler – The first raid meta mount available. It’s also another moose mount.

Spirit of Eche’ro – Another moose mount acquirable by Archaeologists.

Great Northern Elderhorn – The moose mount that is craftable by Leatherworkers.

Steelbound Devourer – An awesomely green corehound mount that is craftable by Blacksmiths.

Arcadian War Turtle РA pretty badass turtle mount that can be obtained by doing the daily quest replacement system known as emissary quests.

Long-Forgotten Hippogryph – This is a mount using the old hippogryph models. While it looks great, it is currently unknown as to how to obtain it despite its game files readily being available.

Leyfeather Hippogryph – Requires Glory of the Legion Dungeon Hero achievement and uses the new Hippogryph model.

Mechanized Lumber Extractor – A reward for collecting 300 toys. Pretty much a boring re-skin of the all-too-common Skygolem.

Hellfire Infernal – Pretty much the WoW mount you’ll be killing other players for as it is a raid drop from Gul’dan in the first raid of Legion on Normal and Heroic mode. An awesome red infernal mount.

Fellblaze Infernal – An awesome green infernal mount that drops only from Mythic.

Corsair Horse mounts – There are six new horse mounts that are, at the moment, unobtainable but are set as PvP prestige mounts.

“Vicious” Faction Mounts – As with every expansion and PvP season, there are always the “Vicious” versions of the faction mounts.

Stormdragon WoW Mounts – These are four badass dragon mounts that are apparently going to be used as a PvP end season reward.

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