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Undefeated UFC Champion Bantamweight Ronda Rousey loves to play and wow gold game. Bantamweight consider herself a nerd as she loves playing pokemon related game and used to moderate a forum regarding the said game. However since she had herself into a training camp to be her dream UFC fighter she stopped some of her hobby and daily routines.   How […]

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Glyphs are available when your character reaches the level 25; Major and Minor Glyphs can be purchase on the playerauctions house for a reasonable gold price as they are being crafted by players. Why spend wow gold on Glyphs Minor and major are the two types of Glyphs which can be purchasable by all classes and profession in-game. Though you […]

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wow gold earning from monsters and gathering guide will give you an idea on where and what monster to slay for good gold. Making gold from killing Donais Trade Prince Donais is one of the residents of Gally Pleasure Palace. If an ALLIANCE player kills him, he will drop a decent amount of WoW gold and he will respawn in just 10 minutes. […]

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