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  First place for solo fights and avoid wasting wow gold Molten Core is the world of warcraft’s very first raid so it’s highly recommended to try it out first. For a level 90 soloing molten core would be easy, no need to invest wow gold on your wow items equipment as it’s really easy to solo without too much […]

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  Player Auction House wow gold sell and raids is the top affected of racial imbalance on each servers… Race Imbalance affecting playerauction house wow gold economy Racial imbalance is the number one problem of several MMO games such as WOW and KNIGHT ONLINE. Imbalance on each Race affects the player’s profit/income of gold sell and such. These MMO have player […]

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Since it’s been ages since the last level capacity update, there are lots of wow players who already had both their main character and as well as their alternate characters hit level 90. Due to this, most of them ended up stocking up gold for the upcoming update such as World of Warcraft: Warlord of Draenor. Which Classes can do […]

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Learn, read and plan before wow gold spending When there are aspects of the game that was not explained much… below should be the things you need to know before spending or planning to earn gold.   Guild – Some invites may give you gold for sign up to their guild – Increase in experience and reputation gains – Extra […]

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  With the special wow items that are being sell in the market you’ll be able to mine your way to your gold dreams.   Before starting your mining and get wow gold Before you start maxing out your profession you better be sure if you’re leveling up the right profession for your character to avoid wasting your wow gold […]

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