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Contributing to your team, be rewarded with rare and wow gold Aside from the task given by the Quest NPC, wow players tend to go to dungeons to earn more wow gold and to hoping to get a chance of getting purple rare items. Given to understand that damage roles bring lots of foods buffs, you still have to let other […]

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  Earning everybody’s trust and so as wow gold Dungeon party is one way of having a “bonding” with your friends or guildmates. However there are certain circumstances where you’ll be partying with a stranger due to the roles. IF you’re one of the “fill in” member of the party then you have to work hard for them to trust you, […]

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  Avoid being a pain and help your team clear the dungeon for wow gold Getting purple rare items and wow gold are your reason on getting into a dungeon run Being conscious of what’s happening to your dungeon ought to be prioritized. Once the tanker or healer asks for MB (mana break for mana restoration) and you as a member of the cluster ought to do identical too to avoid […]

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  Important notes to remember of a DPS and gain more wow gold Tanks and healers are “hard” to find whenever you’re organizing a dungeon run. Though these party members are more of a stranger player to you, but you won’t care enough as long as you clear the dungeon and get the wow gold with rare.   When a […]

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  Effective DPS earns more wow gold Though DPS deals with great damage, DPS role in a dungeon errand can be replace easily as there are lots of DPS that can fill the spot; while for Tanker and Healers is the other way around. Though bring lots of food buffs will cost you big wow gold spending, it is a […]

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  Mob Farming is to Rare and Rare is to wow gold Farming doesn’t always mean the one who you use macro with but it refers to a repeated action of killing monsters from a certain spot. The difference with Farming and Grinding is that in grinding you the player doesn’t care about the wow item or gold, in farming […]

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  Practice… practice… practice… and get more wow gold The path of a successful damager should be based on the player’s knowledge from your character’s spells, skills, profession, stats and the weapon that you should use and shouldn’t use. DPS can do solo run for questing and other stuffs but they tend to spend more wow gold when they go […]

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