1 Silver to 1 Million WoW Gold Challenge – WOD 6.2.3

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Patience is the name of the game and it’s always the first one stretched out when farming for WoW gold or pretty much any other kind of in-game currency. Umren, going under the Youtube tag of UmrenTV, is a long time WoW player and avid Twitch streamer that streams, well, WoW.

Lately, he’s undergone one of the more insane activities WoW has ever hosted – earning 1 million WoW gold from nothing but a single silver, a new character, no mob farming, and definitely no outside help.

The video below details his first day on the WoW Gold challenge:

It’s a bit long, but the video completely explains how he plans to go about it and what his tactics are. Now, for the uninitiated, you may be wondering how he manages to get anything past 1 silver without anything else. What he does first in the video is to buy a Blacksmith hammer for a mere 3 copper from a profession NPC and sold it at an exorbitant price of 79 gold, earning him his first decent capital. Now, you may think, why doesn’t he just do that until 1 million WoWgold? Well, that’s because he was only able to fool a newbie without much info on the what’s and where’s of the game yet. He exploited the lack of information of a newbie or the sordid impatience of a veteran that’s too lazy to fly up to a profession NPC to get one. God knows I belong to the latter sometimes.

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In any case, from here on, Umren goes and purchases low-priced items and then sells them high later on. This buy and sell tactic is common for some of you WoW gold farmers, but remember, he’s doing this with nothing more than 1 silver starting out and without any outside help from his alts. This continues on until day 10 where he has already amassed a whopping 57k WoW gold. As far as I know, the challenge is still ongoing, but he is certainly well on his way and it is absolutely impressive with what he’s already earned so far. To think, this endeavor only consumes 2 hours at least of his time per day and he’s gotten way further than any of us could ever hope for in regard to making tons of WoW gold. You should definitely check out his site for some neat tips and tricks in making a lot of easy and cheap WoW Gold past all the basic stuff you probably already know.

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